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The one and only Mr M is the best thing since sliced bananas, as he'll tell you himself... organ grinder AND monkey!


As well as making lovely music, Mr M will interact with audience members, often gussing the names of younger ones, and talking about everything from the weather to political affairs with older ones. Just occasionally he's been known to talk about his lovely wife too.


From kids (and big kids) parties, to fayres and markets, the unique musical comedy entertainment is sure to make your event memorable. Mr M can even perform in a corporate advertising capacity, such as at trade shows and sale stands, where he'll tell your customers just how amazing he (sorry, correction) your product or service is... his only sales commision will be a banana for tea.

Mr Monkey operates from an internal battery powering the organ, so is entirely self-contained. His human helper (with a radio mic) will be in the versinity keeping an eye on proceedings, although Mr M hasn't actually bitten anyone to date, and his flea complaint is currently unfounded.


Built by Jollity's own Nick Williams esq, Mr M is only available to hire here!

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